Coding for Causes

leveraging computer science and machine learning to facilitate progress

impactful optimism

Our projects cover a plethora of fields, with our current work emphasizing Canada's legal system, access to computer science education, and the underreporting issue in our country.

Climate Change Modelling

Multivariate analysis can predict how climate factors will evolve.

Justice System Analytics

Using public data, analysis is conducted using machine learning to "predict" who will report serious problems.

Data Science Leverage

Statistics fed into AI programs can provide invaluable insight into current (and future) systems.

Access to Education

Publishing free, accessible guides to machine learning. to broaden access.

teams make progress.
bigger teams can make more.

We are a committee of volunteers united in our mission to use computer science to better our world and our understanding of existing systems. 

Whether you are a computer science major or have no interest in coding, you can support Coding for Causes by joining as a member, or applying for an executive position. Applications for executive positions are open on a rolling basis, and membership is open to everyone.